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Mar 21 2013
Save hoping someone gets murdered is not ok.

Jan 5 2013
Save I think this person is drunk.

Dec 29 2012


Dec 29 2012
Save spammy spam

Dec 28 2012
Save this person is trying to hijack every thread into an anti-religion rant. I thought thread jacking was a no-no.

Nov 5 2012
Save this person is being an absolute asshat about Tracie & Rich's book.

Oct 6 2012
Save spamming just about every comment thread.

Oct 2 2012
Save I see ya trollin'

Sep 10 2012
Save seriously, this dude needs a ban hammer

Aug 6 2012
Save trollin' like woah.

Jul 31 2012

Lazy trolling. #trollpatrol

Jul 13 2012
Save #trollpatrol